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I have always had a passionate interest in tech from a very early age. At the age of 21 I fell into my first tech job, spending many years on projects, leading, designing, building and implementing various tech systems across the UK. I always loved the whole process, including the training and analytics side of the projects, but after 14 years working for the same company, I had enough of the rat race, the travelling, the deadlines that faced high penalties working until 4am regularly. I earned a huge amount of experience over that time, and gained a foundation of skills that still stand strong in my own business today. 

I had a very fast paced role for so long, with long hours, tight deadlines and lots of stress and although I loved my job, but I knew it wasn’t sustainable once I had children. I wanted to do something I am passionate in, that I can do from home, with no commute and no travelling for various projects. 

After my first child in 2011, I spent my maternity leave up-skilling, training and gaining certifications for the career path I wanted to take and began freelancing in 2012. I was surprised by how much of my previous technical roles had transferrable skills form research, development processes, project management skills, analytics, communication skills and training, this was all relevant to my work in SEO and Web Design. Since 2011, I have continuously built on my skills, acquired many happy clients, built a network by word of mouth and I have never looked back.

I love what I do, and I love helping other small businesses. As a freelancer I am able to keep my overheads, therefore my prices lower than SEO agencies, and I am dedicated to every project I take on. I cannot imagine doing anything else now, and even my children use a website they built for their homework now!

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I spent the first year of being a freelancer working for very little, building my portfolio, learning the ropes of running my own business and have built upon every element with every new client. I have taken on clients all over the UK, all small businesses or start-ups as this is what I am passionate about. I have great case studies, wonderful testimonials and have built solid relationships with clients. I love watching businesses grow, this is what web design and SEO is all about, increasing that visibility and sales that make a small business grow successfully.

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