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Local SEO Services

Local SEO strategies and sessions for businesses and SME’s looking to grow their visibility online. 

Local SEO Services:

Local SEO strategies and sessions for businesses and SME’s looking to grow their visibility online. 

Google my business profiles are really important for local SEO.

I will create your Google My Business account and listing so that it is fully optimised for your products/services.

If you already have a Google My Business account then I will audit your listing, ensure that it is set-up correctly and clean up any duplicate/multiple accounts that exist. 

I carry out a local SEO audit of your website and will then optimise your site for local search results. This includes keyword research, competitive analysis and the optimising your on-page and off-page SEO. 

I focus on gaining backlinks that are appropriate for your business. This includes UK directory listings and ongoing backlink strategies.

I will run monthly ongoing SEO strategies to boost your website rankings. 

Installation, setup and optimisation of google tools to maximise your local search rankings and analysis. 

Includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console 

SEO Copywriting services for websites, web agencies, PR Agencies and business owners that focusses on local SEO keywords.

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Get your website ranking in local search results

Local SEO refers to increasing the website traffic and awareness from local searches. This includes methods like using localised keywords and optimising your Google My Business profile. Local SEO must not be underestimated. It has been found through research that 46% of all the searches in Google are localised. 

“Near me” or localised related searches have grown 150% faster than traditional searches. 29% of all google SERPs contain a local pack in the results. 74% of consumers that search for something local on their phone visit the store that day, so local searches account for a large chunk of SEO. 

Optimising your local SEO strategy for local based searches will help to boost your ranking in your local area, whether you are based in Berkshire or anywhere else in the world.

How can I help your business?

Local SEO is similar to traditional SEO, with all the indexing, scanning and ranking in search engines.

What makes local SEO unique is that the ranking factors involved are different.

Some of the localised search engine signals are:

• User’s location

• NAP citations

• Online reviews

• Google My Business presence

• Google Maps rating for the place

• Number of check ins for that location

• Shares on social media

Why choose me as your SEO Consultant

I have worked with a range of businesses and bloggers in various industries. As a freelance SEO consultant, I am able to keep my prices competitive while providing a full range of services including on-site, off-site and technical optimisation. 

I have an excellent track record of delivering results in various industries and I am entirely focussed on my clients needs.

in a nutshell

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Put simply, SEO is a series of processes and optimisation that can be actioned on your site to help search engines understand the content, services and value of your business.

The purpose of optimising your website for search engines is so that you gain visibility to your target audience. Your website needs to be on the first page of the search results for users who are looking for the products or services you offer.

With more than 500,000 websites being created every single day you are left in a crowded digital space, fighting for the attention of your target audience.

This has left Search Engine Optimisation as a vital service that you need if you want to stand out from the crowd. It’s no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have”, to ensure that you are visible and can bring visitors to your website from search engines.

SEO is also dependant on your locality. Local SEO strategies benefit any business that service certain areas or towns and requires a different strategy, dedicated to ranking your business for your local area.

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Get your free SEO consultation now

Contact me to find out how my freelance consultancy services can help your business today. 

I provide an initial consultation to assess your websites current organic state, achieved through using Google Search Console, or third party tools like SEMRush. Before our meeting, I look at your existing rankings and traffic and run a top level audit on your site. 


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