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Learn effective, real-world SEO skills to drive traffic to your website.

With the vast majority of the workforce now working from home, my training is devised with remote learning in mind.

With remote learning you can expect online sessions, with screen share and recorded sessions. I also include recordings from your site with step by step instructions for future reference.

The training you receive is based on your requirements which we would discuss in an initial call, however, all training should cover the most important elements of an SEO strategy.

My 30 minute SEO audit consultations are formed around a pre-prepared audit of your SEO and website. In your session we will discuss the issues that are stopping your site from ranking and I can give advice on how to rectify these issues. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions, explore key points, and develop confidence in your website and how to improve your SEO on an ongoing basis.

Although I cannot teach you SEO in a single phone call, we can cover a lot of information and advice in this timeframe, ensuring you are armed with the knowledge you need to understand the requirements for ranking. I will identify any issues affecting your keyword rankings and give you actionable next steps to rectify them.

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Bespoke SEO training for businesses across the UK

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Increase website traffic & increase revenue with SEO services

My SEO consultancy services are aimed at driving new leads and sales for your business, with increased organic traffic.

SEO Consultancy

Full SEO consultancy services to help build your unique strategy. Includes audit, developing a strategy and implementation.


Conversion rate optimisation to convert more traffic and generate more profit for your business.

Content strategies

Content strategies that deliver organic traffic growth, from on-page content to blogging.

Bespoke SEO Training

Bespoke SEO training designed around your unique business needs and target audience with guidance. 

Website Audits

Actionable Auditing with key insights, recommendations and guidance to fix website issues.

Technical SEO

Insights and guidance into issues on your website and how to improve your current SEO. 

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Why learn SEO?

I can help you master the fundamentals of search engine optimisation (SEO) with a bespoke training course created entirely around your specific website.

As a sole trader myself, I understand the budget constraints of other small businesses. Many small businesses cannot afford to hire a freelancer or an agency on an ongoing basis to take over their SEO strategy. Instead of outsourcing, it can be more practical and cost effective to gain the skills and strategies you need to optimise your business site yourself.

My SEO training is a bespoke course based on your specific needs. A small business owner in Somerset would need a different SEO strategy to a chain of retail stores across the country, therefore, before I conduct your training, I fully audit your website and ensure I understand your business and target audience. Once I have a clear understanding, I devise engaging training sessions that are unique to you, your business and your individual needs.

Before the course is completed, your site will be fully optimised for search engines, ensuring your website will be effectively indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and it can begin gaining traction in organic searches. Some clients like to be involved in this process, other’s just like to know how to keep their strategy going forward, this can be decided at the beginning of the process.

Once your site is optimised, I will help you continue to boost your rankings with a bespoke SEO strategy and full training to continue your success in rankings

Why train with me?

I have worked with a range of businesses and bloggers in various industries. As a freelance SEO consultant, I am able to keep my prices competitive while providing a full range of services including on-site, off-site and technical optimisation. 

I have an excellent track record of delivering results in various industries and I am entirely focussed on my clients needs.

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Get your free SEO consultation now

Contact me to find out how my freelance consultancy services can help your business today. 

I provide an initial consultation to assess your websites current organic state, achieved through using Google Search Console, or third party tools like SEMRush. Before our meeting, I look at your existing rankings and traffic and run a top level audit on your site. 


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