How to create SEO friendly content

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Improving the quality of your content is a vital part of any SEO strategy, as the better your content, the higher you’ll rank in search.  There are a number of things you can do to make sure your content is the best it can possibly be, depending on the type of content you are creating.

SEO tips for product and service pages

The first thing is to think about what you’re offering and what the product tor service will do for them. Focus on your customers and create product and servive page content that converts. Attract the right people by conducting some market research to find your ideal customer and demographic.

Once you have found your ideal customer, you need to interest them by offering a solution to their problems or with content that adds value. Once the cusotmer has been enticed and it staying on your website, you need to pursade them to take action by contacting you or buying your product.

You should always make your product and service pages informative, so it doesn’t seem like you are just selling.  Ultimately though, you should be trying to get people to convert, so your sales pages and product pages don’t need to be as informational as your blog posts should be.

Blog writing with SEO in mind

Regularly creating high quality blog content that people find useful can REALLY help boost your Google search rankings. A recent study by HubSpot discovered that brands who published quality content regularly got TRIPLE the amount of traffic than brands who didn’t.

Consistency is key, but it won’t help if you just pump out posts. There’s so much competition now, your content also needs to be helpful, insightful, and value added.  There are some types of blog content that consistently perform better than others, and when you’re starting out with SEO, you might want to focus your efforts on these, at least until you build up your following.

The Latest top- performing types of blog content 

Complete Lists

Complete Lists continually perform well. Many people find them extremely useful as they refer to lots of practical information on a topic, all in one article, that’s written in an easy-to digest format. Your list could contain strategies, items to buy, or the best muscle building smoothies – almost anything you can think of that can be curated into list form.  Make sure you give some detail along with every point on the list, or people will find your content dull, boring, and unhelpful, and your engagement levels will suffer.

Content with Stats

It’s getting more and more difficult to get people to share or link your content, due to the sheer volume of posts that are being published every day.  One way to make your content stand out is by including stats and data in your posts and research has found this increases your chance of gaining a link.   To increase your content’s authoritative value in the eyes of your audience, refer to scientific studies, paraphrase or quote original research, and include accurate facts, figures, and data.

Complete Guides

People love helpful content, and it doesn’t get much more helpful than a simplified guide to doing something that covers every aspect.   The focus here is to give people the essential information they need to know about every important angle of a topic.  Your complete guides don’t have to be pages long, though they should be in-depth, as Google scores long-form content of 1000 words or more, higher.  Your goal should be to help people fully understand a topic. To attract the maximum number of readers, focus on trending topics that you can relate to your niche, or relevant topics to your business that are growing in popularity, such as plant-based diets, or ways to beat boredom in lockdown.

SEO copywriting

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How to create SEO friendly content

Improving the quality of your content is a vital part of any SEO strategy, as the better your content, the higher you’ll rank in search. 

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