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Looking For Web Designers Near Me – Where should I start?

If you’re looking for a web designer near you, it’s important to know what you should be looking for.

There are so many elements to consider, especially whether you should work with a freelance web designer or a web design company. There’s plenty of research you can do, but this article will go through the important questions to ask when you find someone you think might work for your website project.

Should I consider a freelancer web designer or approach an agency?

There are fundamental benefits to hiring a freelancer and an agency. Both will have the required skill set, but it is really down the nitty gritty of what you want out of your own personal website project.

The most obvious differences between agency and freelance web designers:

Website investment and cost

There is no doubt about this one, freelancers will be cheaper. The main reason for this is because our overheads are lower. We are not having to pay for staff who aren’t even working on your project, a dedicated office and equipment and other elements that come with owning an agency.

The services on offer

Big agencies are likely to be able to offer a range of services, most of which may not be relevant to your project. Most web designers now offer a full service so that we can compete with the big boys. This can include social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO and graphic design. In my website design business, I work with a team of SEO copywriters and a graphic designer that I know I can trust, that I have worked with for a number of years. As a freelancer I would never risk my reputation offering services that I know I cannot do well, so mark my words, it may not be me writing your website copy, but I am sure that the job will be done to my incredibly high standards!

Communication and relationship building

Throughout your website project you will only ever be working with me, be contacting me and I will be fully responsible for your project.

I always communicate efficiently at every stage of the project. Throughout my years of experience, this to me is one of the most important elements of any project, ensuring full transparency throughout all of my work.


As a freelancer, my reputation is always at stake. I will always work with clients who I absolutely believe I can help to grow their business. I will always strive to the best job I can, to design and build the best WordPress website that will fit your brand and represent my clients business and services perfectly. I take pride in my work, your success is 100% my success.

web designers near me in berkshire
Web Designers near me in Berkshire

What can I freelance web designer do?

As a website designer, I offer the page design and build of WordPress websites. Most web designers near you will be able to either build a website from scratch, or redesign your current site. I also offer SEO copywriting, search engine optimisation services (SEO) and maintenance/care plans to ensure your website continues running perfectly.

How do I find a web designer near me?

The most important thing is to find the best web designers that you can trust. Any good web designer or web developer should have a great variety of reviews and a portfolio. This is important as many designers have a style of website, or use set templates to create websites. There is nothing wrong with that, but they may be more restrictive and not necessarily to your taste.

In my business, I create websites from scratch, that are unique to your brand using WordPress. You can see a variety of my work here.

How to shortlist web designers near me?

There are so many great web designers out there, so this isn’t easy. Look at reviews, check out their portfolio, look at their social media accounts if they have them, do your research.

Every client I work with has asked for testimonials, case studies and examples of work, this is expected. A website designer that comes highly recommended is a must!

The other elements to consider are the practicalities of a project. How long will it take to build your site, their working process, can they start straight away of or there a lead time.

Seeing how quickly they communicate with you, send you a quote, book in your 1 to 1 will also be a good indicator of how they work. Knowing this information may give you a good idea of how you can narrow down your shortlist.

You can contact multiple web designers if you need to

You don’t have to pick the first web designer you find. Shop around, understand how the whole process from beginning to end works! Find a designer that not only fits your budget, but also fits your needs.

I’m looking for a website designer near me in Berkshire – but do they really have to be based in Berkshire?

They really don’t. Web design services is a perfect fit for remote working, this is how us freelancer web designers keep our costs low. Zoom calls are a great way to conduct a thorough and efficient web design process, so don’t be scared of a remote web design project.

I have been working with clients all across the UK and overseas, and most freelancers do work this way. It is cost effective, no travel fees, accommodation, charges for the client that are unnecessary in this day and age of remote working. A good web designer will communicate their working process to you before you sign on the dotted line.

I’m looking for a web designer near me – what should I be looking for?

Quality of work

Check out portfolios and stalk their social. Work with a web designer that has a sense of your own unique style. Do your research!

Support and care plans

Look for a freelancer that offers care plans or a support package. Your website must be maintained or it can break or run less efficiently, which looks bad to your customers, can affect your website rankings or affect your sales! I offer free 30 day support on completion of your website and also ongoing care plans for a small monthly fee to ensure your website stays healthy and secure.

Can they give references?

Don’t be afraid to ask this. Most website designers should have testimonials, reviews and should be able to offer at least two references from previous clients.

How much will it cost to hire web designers near me?

This is really dependant on your project. Most web designers may offer packages, like my small business package, but it is also dependant on the functionality, the number of pages, if you want search engine optimisation built in and another number of factors.


You may wonder if hiring web designers near me makes sense.

I believe that attention to detail is paramount when designing websites. Your business deserves a website that shows off your brand, is clear and that can rank effectively in search engines.

I never use templates in my websites and every site I build is 100% bespoke to my clients and built with their brands unique touch. This means my websites are tailored made to each client’s business needs, and as I specialise in SEO myself, optimisation is built into the build.

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